Typical Tom's

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Typical Tom's

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8"x 10" - Bleed artwork, signed and numbered behind the print. Placed (not mounted) on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar.

17" x 22" - Overall size. Can be framed and hung gallery style without matting OR can be matted to taste. Shipped on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar.

20" x 24" - Overall size. Same size artwork area as the 17" x 22" item BUT double matted in archival white.  Shipped on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar.


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Katie O' Shay's Saloon and Opera House is highly popular with the neighborhood Toms. Just about any night a pint can be lifted, a fight can be picked OR you might just get the attention of one of "Katie's Kitten's"...after their dance.

So why do you think the guys have their hands in their pockets?

Limited editions (generally 50), signed and numbered. All digital compositions are printed on a EPSON Sc-p800 printer. This is a professional large format printer that when used in conjunction with tight color management produces excellent results. It's also interesting to note that this printer uses 8 ink cartridges (5 color and 3 levels of black). These are unique high-density pigments for an extremely wide color gamut for true high-quality prints. I use Canson Baryta Photograhique paper, exclusively in the 17" x 22" size. Although a very expensive paper, the results you get are stunning. All artwork is shipped flat NEVER rolled.