swim club -work in progress


The first picture on the top left shows me working in blacks and grays at the Clayton Fine Art Gallery on May 11 (or so) 2016. Top right shows the various felines mostly roughed in. Second form the top on the right shows the heads finished and body work starting. Next, second from the top on the left we see the swim suits close to finished, and the next one on the right shows bodies and background fairly finished.

The last two should have some interest to you. The first show me holding what I thought was the finished work in late May. But it turned out I hated the type, it was way to heavy and standout-ish SO...I spent more than a day sanding the the whole type area out until it just left a hint of the lettering, then I came back in and repainted the area with a slightly wooden texture, with cracks and stuff. I repeated this process of sanding out detail and repainting until happy. Finished it June 1st, 2016.