Tweet reprints PLUS "On Broadway"

There is a fine gentle man on Twitter called "exhausted father" @markpopham who about a week ago published this long line of tweets. I though they were just great, engaging and insightful. So I  asked  to be able to reprint in this venue. So here go's...

What you have done is way harder than me calling @SenAnybody every day and just whispering “primary” into the phone

And right now you might be felling pretty low!

And right now it feels like it didn’t do anything. that they were able to just tune you out, without fear of consequence.

But let me absolutely ASSURE you - they heard you. They know you’re there.

And they're absolutely scared shitless. They're fucking terrified.

This is not some piddly letter-to-the-editor bullshit right here. You all have been absolutely inundating them!

But let me absolutely ASSURE you - they heard you. They know you’re there.

They've been shutting down voicemail! They've been RUNNING FROM TOWN HALLS

They have never - NONE OF THEM - seen this level of engagement from the public. Ever.

And the only thing that is keeping them from pissing their khakis right now is the assumption that you will get discouraged and go away.

They think that if they can just get through until the spring everyone will become dejected ad give up and tune out.

If this is just the crazy spring of 2017, they can go back to gutting our nation like a fish. But it's the new normal..

If this is just American Political Life, 2017-????, then they've got a huge problem.

Now I don't think they're going to get woke. They're not going suddenly become the good guys.

But we need them scared. We need they saying..."If we touch the ACA my constituents are going to literally eat me. Literally."

We need them to look at the Trump administration and say, "What am I actually getting out this guy?"

So I am going to ask you to keep calling and facing and mailing and going to town halls.

Because we need them to know that we're still paying attention. And this becomes especially important with something or someone like DeVos.

They own her now. She is 100% thier's, and every time she screws up. Every terrible thing she does. Every horrible thing she says.

They need to know that you saw it, you are pissed, and you hold them PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE.

It is an unfortunate, terrible truth that these people are about to absolutely fuck up a lot of America.

Both on purpose and because they're all tremendous dipshits. And every time your representative needs to knows how furious you are.

Okay this is the last clause! Imaging you are fighting a war. You're both entrenched. You can't really see the enemy.

But every day they fire off some volleys at you , and you fire off some volleys at them. Just a little bit, every day. You're in a stalemate.

Then one morning you get up and they're already firing. And they don't stop firing. They just keep firing , all day long.

They're not even AIMING. They're just shooting at you, non-stop, for days. What would you, cowering in your trench, under constant fire what would you assume about the relative size of the enemy? About the amount of ammunition that they had?

You'd assume they were HUGE, and sitting on stacks and stacks of ammo.

But if they stopped firing, you'd assume they were weak, low on ammo, trying to scare you.

We have to keep firing!

Again - thank you, red state liberals/leftists. Thank you so much. You have a very hard path and you get shit on all the time and I love you.

I have been trying to reply to everyone who has been responding to this thread! But I need to go to sleep because my baby loves being awake.

I am so glad if this thread had inspired anyone to keep fighting tomorrow. Thank you for all you've done already!

If you are exhausted and discouraged and burned out please take some time of yourself. Come back when you're ready.

Dems in red states are lynchpins of what we are doing now. They will hear your voices.

This keeps getting passed around - thank you! I wish you all could see not just the responses but how widely quoted this is.

Which means - you are not alone. We are not alone. There are millions of but dots in red states. Keep fighting!

New artwork...ON BROADWAY

In the first full month of the Trump presidency I began and finished what is very much a throw-back composition. It ended up being called "ON BROADWAY". It started out being called "Chorus Line." At any rate the original source material is from the New York Public Libary's digital collections (and cost $50 for a hi-res .tiff image.)


The first work-in-progress shows the selected cats on the human heads. The feline on the left show the cat-fur-body-treatment  that I was to use for the entire  composition.


This second work-in-progress starts to show a fully formed decision on my part as to what the composition would finally be about.
The background now becomes important. But is it real? Or is it a theater drop? 


Below is the finished background in all it's glorious detail. Many parts will look incorrect because the felines are designed to be in front. This is my vision of a 1930's or so New York City -- really only exists in my minds eye.


In the story for "On Broadway" I talk about "a giant ape has begun to climb the tallest building". But it's hard to see in the origianl--here I present it larger.

King Kong.jpg

Here is the final form of "ON BROADWAY"- - I finished it on February 10th, 2017.

Here is my story for "ON BROADWAY"...

A chorus line of pensive starlets lead by a young Ann Darrow, await the judgment of director Victor Shortshanks. His new
production of “On Broadway” is set to thrill audiences in these bleak authoritarian times. Unseen...a giant ape has begun to climb the tallest building.

Click on the image for a large light-boz view.