Best of Show and At the Wall

The first weekend of April in St. Louis is traditionally the baseball Cardinals  home opener (in which we beat the World Champion Cubs no less) AND a long running art show called The Art Fair at Queeny Park. This show brings together approximately 125 local and regional artist in all media types.

The exciting news at the show for me, was the Best of Show (2D) award shown. Very pleased to be so recognized. I've won nice awards here before but never a Best of Show. The judge was Victor Wang, a full professor of fine art at Fontbonne University - Saint Louis. Victor and one of his amazing portraits is shown below. 

New Picture - At the Wall

It should come as no surprise to anyone that there has been a political agenda to my work since the election. The agenda is liberal and progressive-the complete opposite of what we are seeing in Washington.

I believe we are in dark times. Dark times for our nation, our constitution, our electoral process our very way of life. One of the ways I try to combat this darkness is through my art.

This piece is called "At the Wall". I started with a Library of Congress image in the public domain showing three very young minority children, poor as dirt and standing by a wooden wall.

I then added type saying Make America Great Again. Next I spent a great deal of time going through my of shelter cat photography resources to find three feline faces that conveyed the proper LOOK. Also a rat, I figured for this composition you gotta have a rat. 

I then spent a number of hours working on the color, texture and weathered look of the type and "'the wall". Lastly I worked on the urchins cloths and furry hands.  

Above you can see it all put together.  Be sure to click on the image to get a full light box image that you can explore. Click here for purchase information.

I usually have a very extensive back-story for each of my compositions. In this case I want to leave the story UP TO YOU.

8"x 10" - Bleed artwork, signed and numbered behind the print. Placed (not mounted) on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar. $35
16” x 20” – Overall size. Matted in archival white. Shipped of 1/8” thick acid-free foamcoar. $65
20" x 24" - Overall size. Same size artwork area as the 17" x 22" item BUT double matted in archival white.  Shipped on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar. $85

At the Wall-pieces.jpg