Along the Nile and Festival of the Arts

Along the Nile: This is my promotion backstory that is published with the composition.

This is Margaret, the younger and slightly homely sister of well-loved  Bast. Although she doesn’t have her siblings Goddess duties, she does have many civic responsibilities. Here Maggie is shown welcoming The Nubian Caravan at the mouth of the Nile.

This is how it is available.

8"x 10" - Bleed artwork, signed and numbered behind the print. Placed (not mounted) on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar.
17" x 22" - Overall size. Can be framed and hung gallery style without matting OR can be matted to taste. Shipped on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar.
20" x 24" - Overall size. Same size artwork area as the 17" x 22" item BUT double matted in archival white.  Shipped on 1/8 thick acid-free foamcoar.


This month I thought that we might explore my composition "At the Nile". Over the last few years I have completed a number of Egyptian picture and this the latest. On the right you can see some of the Library of Congress digital images I've used here and in other images.

I've also done a number of Egyptian graphics and symbols and developed a palate of golds and silvers that seem to work well.

On the right you can see the Nubian Caravan I  created that would be behind Margart, and below the caravan is the original feline I used. Although he is a male in real-life he agreed to don a princess outfit for my needs.


Festival of the Arts in Oklahoma City


The Oklahoma City show was  a checkerboard of weather and success, it could not make up it's fickle mind and changed daily. On the first day of the show (Tuesday the 25th) temperatures reached 80...the next day rainy, windy and perhaps 48 for a high.


Thursday the 27th and Friday the 28th were both fairly decent days with good crowds but windy and cool days. 

Then came the disaster day--Saturday the 29th. Rain, wind and cool all day and all evening. Saturday is traditionally the very best day of this show, crowed can very easily hit 250,000 or more.  If we saw 10,000 it was a lot, and they didn't buy.

Sunday the 30th was the last day of the show and although windy was not bad as people tried to make up for Saturday.


Last year the Festival of the Arts was my most successful show ever, with sales in the low to mid five figures. This years weather and low crowds that produced pulled my sales to 50% or less of last year.

Of special note, you will see my painting "Got Milk" in some of the photos--this painting found  a new home.

The next day I drove home to St. Louis, this is normally a 8 hour trip--but flooded rivers and detours added 4 hours.

Oh well.




Trump Stuff this Week (May 7-13)

Today, Trump told Lester Holt( of NBC), "I have a certified letter. It says I'm not involved in Russia"

"I have a certified letter," Nixon said. "It says I am not a crook."


Consider...Watergate was about covering up a 3rd rate burglary; this is only about covering up possibly treasonous collusion to steal the White House.

I always said a perfect crime would be to rob a bank and then fire the cops.


Throughout the day I repeatedly heard the the comment "This isn't Watergate".

Consider...Watergate was about covering up a 3rd rate burglary; this is only about covering up possibly treasonous collusion to steal the White House.


If you don't as subscribe to at least one (at least to the digital edition) of these...The New York Times, The Washington Post, perhaps the L.A. Times or the Chicago Tribune... then you doing a great disserviceto our democracy.

Get yourself some fake news, before it's gone.