Poetry by Maurice
It has been determined
Republicans want less government...
They Just Need to Vote
Worshipped as Gods
Unless I'm Naked
Missed Birthday - from Male
Blame the Dog
Cats Like Butterflies
Christmas Card
Deep Thoughs
Do Not Play With Dogs
Don't Gloat
Hands Up - Don't Shoot
I must be on my way
I must consider breakfast
I'd had brought better books
I'm Hungry
I'n Whose Image
Inform and Delight
Intelligent Species
Just Ask Her
Lucy and Mary
Memo to Staff
Missed Anniversary - from male
Missed Birthday - from female
Missed Birthday - from male
Mom always liked you best
Ok...laugh now fuzzball
Oscar Wildfur
Reflections with Annebelle
Rhyming Tales
Run lobster run
Spanish Inquistion
Stone of Stories
The Anchovies Lullaby
The Dog Problem
The Ensemble
The Great Cat
The Hun
The War is Over
This Old Cat
Thought of His Name
Three Little Kittens
Time Warp
To Error is Human
Unless you are a cheese
Dear Tom
Evolution of Species
I don't see any sand
Jean Celeste - Zombie
Little Snorty Noises
Of All God's Creatures
The Cardinal Rule
The Cat and the Fiddle
The Feline is a Puzzle
The Girl Scout
Timothy is Aghast
William and Winnie
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